Launch of 'M Crew' Sweater gives Griffins alumni a special symbol of pride and connection

Griffins alumni Adam Boyd (basketball) and Natalie Bender (hockey) display the new 'M Crew' Sweaters (Rebecca Chelmick photo).
Griffins alumni Adam Boyd (basketball) and Natalie Bender (hockey) display the new 'M Crew' Sweaters (Rebecca Chelmick photo).

MacEwan Athletics 

EDMONTON – The MacEwan Alumni office and Athletics department are excited to introduce the 'M Crew' Sweater, designed exclusively for Griffins alumni.

The 'M Crew' Sweater unites MacEwan's community of Griffins alumni, connecting each one to their sport, teammates and alma mater. 

It symbolizes a shared experience by those who wear it and whose contributions made an everlasting impact on Griffins Athletics.

"My time as a student-athlete at MacEwan was very special, filled with ups and downs along the way," said former Griffins men's basketball player Adam Boyd, who graduated from MacEwan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2018. "Seeing others wearing their M's creates an instant connection, and I can only assume they've had similar experiences.

"Loyalty has always been important to me, which is captured in these sweaters."

Griffins alumni interested in purchasing an 'M Crew' Sweater for a special discounted rate of $30 ($50 off regular price) can e-mail MacEwan Associate Director of Athletics Lindsay McAlpine to receive a code for purchase at the MacEwan bookstore.

"The 'M Crew' Sweater is a symbol of pride, connection, and shared experience by those who wear it," said McAlpine. "It is earned by demonstrating a significant commitment and contribution to Griffin Athletics. 

"Those who are part of the 'M-Crew', are individuals whose contributions have made an everlasting impact on Griffin Athletics and will forever be connected by maroon. We look forward to welcoming our alumni back into the gym, rink and field."

Griffins alumni who wear their 'M Crew' Sweaters will get in free to the following games during the 2022-23 season:

Jan. 6: Men's and Women's Basketball

Jan. 13: Men's and Women's Volleyball

Jan. 20: Men's Hockey

Feb. 4: Women's Hockey

"It is truly an honour to be a part of the inaugural launch of this new tradition," said former Griffins women's hockey goaltender Natalie Bender, who graduated from MacEwan with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2022. "I hold my time at MacEwan close to my heart. It's where I experienced some of the best memories of my life.

"Being a student-athlete is a privilege that not many get to be a part of, so being part of the 'M Crew' is extremely special. This tradition is an excellent way to recognize student athletes' hard work dedication, and commitment to the program, sport and school."